Help me peeps. What day should we...?

In the world Thursday March 2 until Thursday March 9, crowds average around 6 the whole time. What day should we:

  1. Go to Blizzard Beach? Weekend or weekday? (Note that TL opens up the following week.)
  2. Go to Legoland? Weekend or weekday? I’ve heard weekdays can get clogged with school groups, but weekends may be busier. Thoughts?
    HELP! FPP in less than 36 hours! Thank you. :smiley:

Would do Legoland on a weekday. Remember some weeks the Legoland amusement park is closed on Tuesday &Wednesday. Sorry never been to B.B…

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I’d suggest TL or BB on a weekday. I had read that they are busier on the weekends due to more locals visiting the water parks then. That said, I went in August so I’m not sure if the water parks get mobbed nearly as much now. If you have to pick between BB or TL, I’d recommend BB due to both the gentler waves and less rough floor at the Wave Pool. My DD7 got knocked down to the very rough floor at TL and sustained a bad scrape that cut our water park day short. Ski Patrol Camp at BB is also awesome for the 6-10 year old set.