Help me pack?

I am spending 5 days at DLR with my DD8 and my DS6. We’re driving from Vegas. I always, ALWAYS forget something. One year it was my DD’s shoes! Had to go to Walmart in Barstow to grab some - lol.

What things do you take with you, either to your hotel or in the parks, that aren’t common?
I want to remember a dishtowel, sponge and a small bottle of dishsoap because we’ll have some cups with us at the very least, and we’ll probably get some food or beverage based souvenirs.

In the past I brought a change of clothes into the park (started out with hoodies and sweats over shorts and t-shirts and removed layers as it warmed up. I also brought flip flops and we would put those on (removing our socks and shoes) for riding Splash Mountain, because though I can handle wet clothes, I just can’t deal with soggy socks and wet shoes.

In the past, I have always left later than I wanted to (wanted to leave Vegas by 10am, usually left at 3pm - needed to do “one more” load of laundry, had to stop by a store for shorts for DD - this year, I am DETERMINED to have everything packed and the car loaded before we go to bed Friday night. My Dkiddos don’t have school on Friday, so that should help!


So I travel for work and spend more time in hotels than home so I’ve got some pretty unique extras that I always have with me. I carry a binder clip for curtains that don’t close. Black post-it’s to cover light sources that are annoying at night (like the time on the microwave). Ziplock bags of several sizes. And some flavored/decaf tea bags in case I need “a little something”.


Since you’re driving, I would bring plenty of snacks and drinks for the car ride and for the hotel room. It saves time and money along the way.

I like to bring “Mickey gifts” with me that I will leave out for my kids to find in the mornings. Cheaper than buying park souvenirs each day.

Also for the car, put together little goodie bags for the kids with games and books that will keep them entertained. I usually hit up the dollar store or party store for these items. On our last trip, I gave them some new items, plus packed some books and games they already own, along with snacks just for them in their backpacks. This helps me not have to dole out snacks and toys all the time. And don’t forget portable electronic devices for the car ride!

The best thing you can do for yourself is make a check list. I usually make several. I also used packing cubes on our last trip, which I found to be invaluable in keeping me organized and making sure that I have everything for everybody packed.


These are awesome tips! Thank you so much @Iheartepcot @paradisefalls and @Nana2011. I’ve started my checklist and I’m caught up on laundry so if I can just keep it that way, that will help a lot.

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Here’s list from TP


Wow @moorparknay15! That list is amazing! I’m printing it now. Thank you so much.