Help me make sense of how my points are being used

I am confused as to why I don’t have the ability to bank all of the points I have left from my Dec 23 use year. Can someone explain to me how this works? Details:

I had 147 points that were banked into 2023 from 2022. I had 150 new points available Dec 2023. Total: 297 points.

I currently have 168 points worth of trips booked using those points leaving 129 points remaining for 2023 use year.

I would have thought I could bank all 129 of those points since that total is less than the 150 points I receive for each use year. My assumption was that my bookings would use my banked points first, so any leftover points would be from the 2023 use year. But my dashboard says that only 72 of those points can be banked and 57 are from the 2022 use year and will expire this year.

What am I missing here?

It depends on when you banked the points and when you booked the reservations as to what points were used when.

Assuming you only have one contract, you can go into each reservation, choose Modify but don’t change anything. Go all the way through the process and it will pick up any banked points first.

You should then be able to bank the remainder.


Agree. Sounds like you just selected the wrong set of points to use. You can fix that online or if all else fails member services can help you sort it out


Thank you both!!


The modify trick fixed it! Yay!! Thanks :star_struck: