Help me hack this one: a res finder riddle

I have a reservation at 'Ohana on 10/30 at 5:25pm

It’s rather too early, and I’d like to push it back, but the next nearest time is 8:05pm which is slightly too late

I’d like to set up res finder for 6:30 but if I do that it will show me everything from 5:30-7:30 which I have and if I set it for 7 it will show me everything from 6-8 (which I can get but which is too late . I know this is what will happen because I did exactly this and immediately got a notification that a reservation was found — for 8:05pm

Is there a way I can work around this?

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But it’s not going to show you an ADR already in your plans, only any new that become available.

I haven’t used the ADR finder in years, but just looking at it again:

Since it searches 60 minute slots on either side of the time picked, the only hack I can think of to get a new/different notification is probably a PITA, but maybe:

If you keep getting the same alert for a spot you don’t want, could book the ADRs you DON’T want in the 6:00 to 6:30 and 7:00 to 8:00 pm time slots on dummy account(s).
Then set up the ADR finder for 7PM and hope something new comes in. Then drop the unwanted ADRs after.

When I look at Ohana that night right now for 4 people, there’s nothing before 8:50PM so maybe a 7PM finder time might just get you what you want? (When I searched for 2 people - Ohana did not show up at all!)

Looks like Mousedining also searches a 2 hour window too - I wonder why? That’s such a large time period.

Not in my experience. It shows you what you already have. Or if not there are loads of 5:25 resizes available

Googling a bit there are so many ADR finders now! Yikes.

This one looks like you can limit to 1-hour increments, if I’m reading correctly?

Important details: 6 guests.

Ok now you’re testing my loyalty…

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And the rules

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I have had some luck with two reservations for 3.

But usually miss getting the reservation because of slow internet.

fwiw, Mousedining and Mousewatcher both worked a lot better for me than TP res finder. Both cost $ though, except Mousedining has free email alerts. And all of them have +/-1hr windows :roll_eyes:

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Yeah I won’t pay $

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So you need us to crowd source temporarily booking all those unwanted reservations so they’re out of your way? :thinking:


LOL no :laughing:


I would totally do that if you want. This site and everyone involved have made my trips so amazing I am willing and able to do anything you need to help your trip too!

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Oh gosh no!

I don’t want to take up reservations that others may want.

Thanks though


Your best bet next to a Jack is to keep what you have and modify. (a.k.a. stalking.)
Ohana is notoriously bad for very early or very late availability. And they often seat late, so if you are able to snag say a 7:00 - plan on being seated 20-30 minutes later than that.

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Can you take the 8:05 reservation, and then arrive early? When we arrived early for our ADRs, we often got in quite a bit earlier than our scheduled time.

Ah. Well, I can’t speak to Ohana, since I have never been there specifically. My experiences were other places. So maybe my suggestion wouldn’t work.

It would at a lot of places, we do it often. But I’ve never been to Ohana so…:woman_shrugging:

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I have thought about this. I’m wondering what others’ experiences have been in arriving early for an ADR