Help me find info on FOP for larger people

I remember 2 years ago reading articles on FOP and people of a larger size. We got FPP for it then but ended up cancelling bc we switched our park days around. While I am not too large to ride the ride, I have very wide calves (sometimes wide-calved boots don’t fit) and I am concerned and don’t want to waste a FPP if I can’t even ride. Does anyone remember those articles or does anyone have info about the measurements of the leg enclosures? I know there is a sample seat near the ride entrance but that doesn’t really help me plan FPP.


As no-one else has given this a shot . . .

There are some rides I’ve been on where body parts are wholly encircled by some kind of protective mechanism. So I’ve been on rides where your leg is held in a cuff that closes around it.

FOP isn’t like that. You sit on a motorbike type thing and you push your legs forward in the space on either side of the “engine”. One you’re settled, three restraints — one for each leg and one for your back — pushes you into the seat.

I think the issue would be for people with large waist-measurements. My sense is that there’s loads of room for legs.

This video gives you a sense of what I’m talking about and how much leg room there is:

Thanks @profmatt. I have seen things that give measurements that vary wildly so basically, as we all know, the internet is useless. I will just see if I can book it and stop worrying.


I am bigger in the rear end region and have been stressing about it, however I have decided not to worry about it and give it a shot! The worst that have happen is I get turned away. I may be a bit embarrassed, but I will remind myself that I will doubtfully ever see the people again, so why worry! Fingers crossed that you get to ride it!!!


I have a hard time letting go of being embarrassed so I will try to keep that attitude!

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I like @profmatt’s video, but this one I think addresses more directly your concerns and gives you a woman’s body/perspective.

So my dad did not fit, but we didn’t find out until he actually tried to get in the ride (did not do test seat because he was nervous and we didn’t want to give him an out). Anyway, they gave him and the rest in our party anytime FPs. So perhaps silver lining if it doesn’t work!

My dad didn’t fit because his legs are so long and he couldn’t scoot far enough forward for the restraint to catch.

Yes, I watched her! While I am a smaller clothing size than her, my legs are about the same and I am also tall like her (I am 5’10") so her video was helpful. Thanks!