Help me finalize plans

Trip 12/9-12/15 Me, DH, DS2.5, DD11.5months

Here is what I currently have booked/planned though not much is set in stone.

12/9- Arrive MCO 11:11am
Staying ASSp for first night
Animal Kingdom afternoon/evening

12/10- transfer to BWI
Magic Kingdom
Harmony Barbershop res 11:20am
Narcoossee’s 5:35pm

Topolino’s 10:25am

Hollywood Studios morning
MVMCP evening

Animal Kingdom
Topolino’s 8:50am
Holiday Sleigh ride at FW 7:00pm

Garden Grill CPDP 12:50pm (8:30 show)

Capture Your Moment double session 8:45/9:15am
Depart MCO 7:00(ish)pm

Need to figure out which Topolino’s to keep and where to fit in HEA and a trip to DS to try some of the holiday food offerings. And maybe some pool time :woman_shrugging:



Be sure you understand that you are essentially “homeless” this day. Be sure you have everything you may need until after your Narcoosee’s reservation in your day bag. When you arrive at BWI after that ressie or later in the evening stop by bell services or call immediately to have your bags delivered.

Looks like you’re planning a short-ish day at AK. Anticipating arrival around 11 and departing by 6?

I would scrap the one that you have during EP at 10:25. I’d plan to Epcot that day from rope drop until afternoon, and then pool it for an hour or two before DS in the evening

Seems like a no-brainer on the Narcoosee’s day, but that will be a mega LONG day unless you plan to start MK with the barber shop (which might not be a bad idea given resort transfer day). Of course, I have no idea if that day is a party day or not - and if it’s a party day then there’s no HEA.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond!

We’re fairly seasoned split-stayers but always good to have the reminder that our stuff will be MIA all day.

The Narcoossee’s day is a party day :confused: I’m thinking the first night is going to be our best bet for HEA and just hop from AK around 6.

I’m definitely leaning toward the 8:50 Topolino’s.

Oh, and the only issue with DS evening on the first EP day is I think that’ll be the only day for LuminoUs since DH is taking the babies back on our other EP day so I can enjoy the Candlelight Processional.

Oh good :slight_smile:

and now I’m singing the Chili’s song

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I did just this a few weeks ago

I did minnie van between AK and MK since I was dragging my feet leaving AK.

7:00 AK closed
7:15 in lyft
7:45 through MK tunnel
8:00 HEA

MK crowd level was reported 4. I was able to work my way to just beyond Casey’s, center main st. But that was solo. Not sure if I could get that close with a group

Leaving AK at 6 would make things much easier

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Thank you! We’d do a Minnie Van for sure because my husband has decided he’s allergic to busses :roll_eyes::rofl: although, I must admit, I’m a huge fan of the convenience.

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Ok, I think I’m definitely leaning toward the Topolino’s on our AK day. And I think the best bet for HEA is our first night. Also, DH and I talked about doing LuminoUs on separate EP nights so the kiddos can have a couple earlier nights.

So mostly just need to figure out where to fit DS now.

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Aaaand now I managed to score an 8:30pm Rose and Crown fireworks dining package on the same night as our 7pm Holiday Sleigh Ride sooooo we’ll be throwing caution to the wind and doing both :crazy_face: :rofl:

Maps says it’s a 12-13 min drive from Tri-Circle-D Ranch to Beach Club (planning on Minnie Van so we don’t have to mess with internal busses) then a 10 min walk to R&C so we’re going to risk it :woman_shrugging: