Help me decide: Sun/Mon or Mon/Tues with EP in March

I have one night budgeted for a resort with Express Pass included.
My days are
March 10/11 Sunday / Monday
March 11/12 Monday/Tuesday

Are Weekend Sundays usually pretty busy?
I’m trying to decide if Mon and Tues would be better.

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Here’s TP crowd calendar for March

You are going right in the middle of Spring Break for schools all over the country. There’s not going to be a “better” day that week… Sorry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Having the Express Pass (UXP) will be a BIG help! You will probably still be able to do most, maybe all, of what you want to do. Prioritize your attractions & make a plan!

The UXP queue wait is typically only about 33% - 50% of the posted standby wait times


Thanks for the helpful info!
We have a non refundable dine and float on Sunday. So that will eat up from 530 til close in terms of express pass. I didn’t really think that through for Sunday.

I always like to verify with 1 yr ago CL,s. And yes, Sunday should be slightly less crowded than Tuesday.

Side note, first time I’ve seen Epic U on the CL page!


That 10 on monday scares me… But oh well!
We would arrive for checkin at hrh sun morn around 830. We have dine and float that night so was planning on Universal Sunday then IoA on Monday. We have 2 park tickets but I dunno about getting back and forth on sun for a 530dining reservation. The HE eats up some travel time.

I suppose we could start in IoA on Sunday but we definitely wont make rope drop.

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