Help me decide All Stars Music Suite vs Preferred room POR

So we have 4 adults and 1 child (53, 50, 3?, 27, and 7) We know POR space will be a premium but really not planning on much time in the room or even resort. We currently have POR booked with dining plan.

With the new special with one free quick meal, the suite price is looking better. So my question is how bad will the couch bed and chair bed be? If everyone was young it would be a no brainier.

So would you go with more room and 2 baths or hoping for better beds? Probably will upgrade to the regular dining plan, not to save money but for ease of paying.

What would you do?

I would do the suite…two bathrooms, more space. Four adults in one room at POR is too crowded, for me.

My family and I have stayed at the Sports and POR. My opinion I would go for Riverside.

We didn’t do the suite, but we had a family of 17 and looked into doing adjoining rooms. However it was cheaper for us do POR. My family of 5 (hubby, me, 12, 9 and 6) at the time. My DD 6 loved the trundle bed that folded off the wall, that she got to sleep on. :slight_smile: She called it her bed :slight_smile: The resort itself had a different feel. All Star was on the cheaper end and the ones at POR made us feel at home. Since our trip, I have stayed POR 2 more times :slight_smile: I love the feel of this resort :smile:

Have you run the numbers? Are two POR at discount cheaper than the suite?