Help me choose out last FP+ at MK

So we’ve scheduled 3 part days at MK on our trip, which means we get 9 different FP+ to book. The things I’ve got listed so far are:
Enchanted tales with Belle, Peter Pan, Space mountain x 2, 7DMT, Monster Inc, Adventures of winnie, Jungle cruise. I can’t decide on a 9th.

I originally had PP but we’ve already done that twice before at Paris and Tokyo so thought we’d look at a different one to do a second time. I’ve scheduled 7DMT to do first thing at EMH one morning without a FP as well as a FP+ one of the days, but maybe I should book that as our 9th so we don’t have to stress about getting there in EMH? I also have some M&G’s scheduled for EMH’s and we’re doing a lot of character meals so not so necessary for FP’s.

What would you choose as your 9th FP+ at MK?

Thanks for any suggestions!

ETA: Splash & BTMR are planned for RD one morning.

No Splash or BTMRR? Those would be my choices, but otherwise either 7DMT again or PP again.

I wouldn’t waste a FP on Monsters Inc either.


Oh yes we were planning Splash & BTMRR at RD one morning, but they would be good to do again.

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I’m with @missoverexcited, I would definately get FPs for BTMRR and Splash, you will want to ride them again!

what about Buzz Lightyear or Pirates or Haunted Mansion? I agree that Monsters Inc would be a waste, unless you really don’t want anything else. That doesn’t tend to get long lines like the others.

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I always vote for Splash - my personal favorite! Haunted Mansion and Pirates have such a big capacity that you can time them to be reasonable waits.

I’d do the 7DMT. You can always still RD it if you love it that much. I would also do BTMRR and Splash. I wouldn’t do Monsters Inc. I love Monsters inc, and would even do it more than once, but I don’t think you need a FPP for it. Also, what about Buzz Lightyear? We always RD that (and Space Mountain) and then do it a second time later in the day. Haunted Mansion is great in the morning, but it can get lined up. Same with Jungle Cruise.