Help me choose a hotel for 3 nights in June

I think I have it narrowed down to
Tropicana inn
Fairfield inn
Anahaim Camelot inn
Best Western Plus Park Place in
Camelot inn
Any reviews of either of the hotels?

The only one of those I have stayed at is the Camelot Inn this past November. I really liked it- quiet, clean, and a comfy bed.
The favorite hotel for most people on DLR chat is Grand Legacy at the Park (used to be Ramada Maingate). We have stayed there twice. Check it out.

We have stayed at both the BW Park Place Inn and the Marriott Fairfield Inn. If we are staying off-site, we prefer the BW. It is the closest hotel (it is right across the street, the crosswalk is out front of the hotel) and the rooms are clean and comfortable with a fridge and microwave. Also, they have a breakfast, but it is nothing special. We primarily use it to get some coffee, milk and maybe some yoghurt and fruit. it is a little more inexpensive than the Fairfield. If we can’t make reservations at the BW then we stay at the Fairfield. They have nice rooms, but the walk is a little further and they don’t include breakfast. They have a fridge, but no microwave.

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The Tropicana and Camelot have served us well for the price many times. While not as close as the BW they are closer to the McD’s on Harbor (the Fairfield is also right next to the McD’s too) so you can get fast affordable food. If your trip is before April then you’ll also have the Pizza Press available which has delicious unlimited topping pizzas for $10 made fresh for you and ready in 10 min (they are smaller pies with a thin crust but we can 2 and cheese sticks and make two meals of it with our small family of 4). Great deal!

We prefer Camelot to Tropicana because the rooms are larger and slightly nicer. I have noticed the prices on both have increased so we haven’t stayed at them lately but they are still close so if close is what you are looking for, they are great options.

We’ve never tried Fairfield simply because they are always so much more expensive, a little farther away and hasn’t gotten rave enough reviews to convince us to book.

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