HELP me choose 21 day stay CBR or CSR

Hey everyone !
So we had our first once in a lifetime WDW trip last early September :heart_eyes:. That trip turned out to be so magical we are wanting to go back the 3 first weeks of August 2021. I would rather go in September again since our children’s school starts in the middle of the month, but hubby has a new job and imposed summer vacation.
We are in Europe so we are going to use Ireland offers that will start at the end of April with the 21-day tickets and free dining (if offered as it usually is). At the moment there is no CSR room available (or any other as it is for a longer stay than 7 days) for our dates on the Ireland website and only preferred room for CBR but we are hopeful they will appear soon.

Now the thing is I can’t decide which resort to choose and I need your help. I love that CBR has the skyliner and can only imagine how practical it is. But on the other end, we are going to stay 21 days and I see that CSR has better rooms and many dining options. I just can’t decide between the 2 of them. Could you please tell me your thoughts, and experiences in these resorts.

A big thank you for your help.


Will you have a rental (hire) car? Are 21 day tickets park hoppers?

If no car and park hoppers, stay near the skyliner. Easy access to Epcot eating and any of the Crescent Lake hotel restaurants.

We’ve never stayed at either, but convenience to parks can make a huge difference.

We will have the ultimate tickets with park hoppers and blizzard beach/typhoon lagoon. We are not planning on getting a rental car. Last time we stayed at All stars sports and thought the bus system was good.

For a long trip— I would stay at the hotel whose amenities are the most appealing. Pool, restaurants… and whose rooms you like more. I haven’t stayed at either so I’m no help! But I’d want to be comfortable.

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With 21 day long trip, why not split your stay into 10 days CSR and 11 at CBR? Both stays will be long enough to have a good choice of ADRs and FPPs and you get to experience both resorts.

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I think if I read correctly deals are for packages with room and tickets you get the free dining. Only options for tickets are 7 or 14 days at 2080€ or the 21 day ticket is 2360€, if I did a split stay and want the free dining (which I do) I would need to pay twice for a 7/14 day ticket so pretty expensive.

I see. Not entirely sure if split stay can be considered as one package. Perhaps someone who had this arrangement can confirm?

My vote is for CBR. The Skyliner is a game changer and gives you very easy, quick and fun access to two of the parks and many different restaurants at Epcot, all the crescent lake resorts and HS…also at CBR you can easily walk to Riviera Resort for their restaurants. We were there in January and my kids consider the Skyliner one of their favorite rides! Plus the grounds at CBR are lovely and it has a nice pool. In all fairness though, I’ve never stayed at CSR. I would like to some day, but I think if the prices were more or less equivalent between the two, I would pick CBR all day long because of the Skyliner.

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I have not stayed at CSR myself - but just to pile on with CBR: Our family has stayed there twice and loved it, even back during construction. Even though people sometimes complain it is large, we think the layout is great.

We’ve stayed in the Aruba/Jamaica sections near they bridge that leads to the pool and food court. You get a nice feeling of quiet, we enjoy the path walking over (and I eye the hammocks longingly) and the pool is absolutely terrific.

Since I tend to wake up early in hotels, it is actually one of my favorite things to walk over to get coffee at sunrise.

We visited again last August just to check out the new food court and watch the Skyliner tests - we really liked the new court and the chef there went out of his way to take care of our kids, who have nut allergies.

(If you have anyone with allergies, he gave us “secret” cupcakes that are not on the menu, THEN HE BROUGHT MORE TO TAKE WITH US.)

With the Skyliner running now, only makes it more attractive to us.


Since you have park hoppers, I’d stay at CBR - it will be so easy to pop over to Epcot in the evenings for dinner or a stroll around the World Showcase.


I just found out they offer OKW at 330 days going from check-out, so I think I will book CSR when the UK deals start than change to OKW if available afterwards. I don’t think CSR or CBR can be better than OKW am I wrong? OKW seams so great.

I think amenities wise CSR might beat OKW only because of additional dining including room service but OKW has the boat to DS.

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OKW would get you a kitchenette which might be nice on a longer trip as well.


When we stayed at OKW the dining options were our least favorite part of the resort.
Our favorite was the size of the villa. We had a two bedroom. The living area is very spacious.
We’ve stayed twice at CBR both times in Jamaica. I’d probably stay there again because aside from small-ish rooms, there wasn’t anything really bad about the resort.
Have reservations for first time at CSR this summer.

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