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Hey guys, we’re in the process of making our general “plan to make the site more awesome” for this year, and we’d love some input from ya’ll! I’m going to post a few questions below and ask that anyone who has time email your answers to sarah at


  • Why email? I want to hear as many individual responses as possible - if you post here, other people may read your response and it might influence their answers.

  • Who can respond? If you have a current subscription, you’re invited to answer the questions! We’re focused on the WDW side of things right now, but will welcome input from any of our users.

  • Is this going to make any difference? You bet! One of our main goals this year is to make our powerful tools available to you in a way that is easy to use and makes the vacation planning process better. The best way to give you that is to know what is working (and what isn’t!) right now.

Here’s the questions - looking forward to hearing everything you have to say!

  1. Let’s start with the good! What tool do you find yourself using the most on What is your favorite feature? Anyway you would improve it?

  2. What’s the tool you use the least? Why?

  3. Is there any part of the site that you feel you could get more use out of, if only you understood it better?

  4. Pretend you’re Len for one day and have somehow procured a handful of pixie dust. What one feature or tool would you magically add to the site?

  5. What’s the best “hidden tip or trick” to using (either the whole site or a specific tool) that you’ve discovered? And what’s your pet peeve that you really wish we would change?

Feel free to add anything that you think we ought to know or you’ve been dying to tell a developer about but hadn’t gotten around to yet. I promise to read everything! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much guys! If you have questions about this process let me know below.

Sarah (TP Developer)

  1. a) Touring plan for parks.
    b) The plan is very flexable.
    c) Have a spot in the plans for making a tour plan for resorts and off park restaurants. Right now only have plans available for MK, EP, HS, & AK.

  2. N/A

  3. The Evaluate button.

  4. Have detailed printable maps that are easy to print at home on a small scale.

  5. N/A

Just my thoughts from a 1 year user.

Main use I have is the personalized touring plans.

Would be nice if I could get a notification when park hours / EMH’s / etc change for dates I have selected. Even better if it was a notification for the touring plans I have saved. (e.g. I have a touring plan for Thursday at MK with no EMH, and then they change the hours to have an EMH… send me a message)

Would also be nice if I could ‘compile’ my touring plans into one master plan. (e.g. TP for morning at MK, afternoon at BB, evening at EP) and maybe add approximate travel time with Disney transportation so I don’t schedule something insane. :slight_smile:

I would have liked to be able to input stops on the train instead of it being round trip.

The Epcot princess meet and greets were complicated to put in, as well as Merida and tiana in MK. I had to put it in the notes or have breaks.

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I’m with KTmom. Actually the reason I am on the forum right now…looking to see if I was missing something because I’ve had to put in the princesses manually instead of having them in the drop down.