Help linking tickets

How do you link tickets to the app on your phone if they were purchased by someone else on their account?

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This is about Universal Orlando

Oh dammit me and my sort function gets me in trouble again!



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In the Universal App, go to “Profile”. From there, go to “Wallet”. There is an option to Scan Tickets. Select that. If you have access to the bar-code from the original ticket purchase, you can scan the ticket. If you don’t have the bar-code, you can still enter the ticket number by selecting the “Enter Ticket Number” option at the bottom of the screen.


Tried. It says that ticket is already linked to an account

Hmm. In that case, it might require a call to handle it. Whoever bought the tickets will probably have to call.

I’ll admit, I’ve never bought tickets directly from Universal…I usually buy from Undercover Tourist, so it isn’t an issue. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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Oh well. Thanks anyway