Help! Legoland/WDW, Accommodations

Hello all! A trip is unfolding and I’m here to seek advice from the hive.
March 2-9. Flying into MCO 9 am the 2nd, leaving 10:30 am 7 days later. Planning to rent a car.
Me plus DSs 5&7. Great kids, but both autistic and can be a little… quirky. Variable tolerance of dark and/or fast rides. My 70-something year old parents likely to join us.

  1. We can get POFQ for $1600, or POR standard room $1300 for 7 nights with MVT, but I’m nervous about how massive POR is, especially if we end up lost in the back of Alligator Bayou somewhere. Is POFQ worth the extra money?

  2. Legoland hotel - thinking about doing this for 2 nights of our trip, about $200/night with breakfast included. Expect my kids will want one, maybe two days at Legoland. How is it? Photos and themed rooms look cool.

  3. How awesome is Legoland? One day or two? At the beginning or end of the trip? If we start with Legoland, will WDW be a disappointment to my Lego lovers? Or is the quality of WDW just so much higher overall that it will still be better than Legoland? (Also big Star Wars fans.)

Thanks peeps!

Just returned from a 3 night trip to Legoland. We spent a week beforehand at WDW and returned there for another week after Legoland.
If it’s your first time at Legoland, 2 days are great. If it’s a repeat trip, 1 day is enough (we learnt that one this trip as we had spent several days there before. Sundays and Mondays are rather quiet - during the first and last 2 hours the are barely any crowds.
The Legoland hotel is great. My nephew said that was the best part of this trip so far. He would even stay there again without a visit to Legoland. He liked his separate sleeping area, the model builder workshops, the brick pools and the pool itself (rather small, but not too busy, and the temperature was awesome - warm). Although the hotel is rather small(ish), it is a zoo after park closure - very, very busy.
Breakfast is rather good. Lots of healthy options with an omelet station.
And the best part are the visits from characters. Usually one character per breakfast and several characters in the lobby area throughout the day.
If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


I stayed at POFQ and it is worth the money. We were down by boats and still didn’t feel far from lobby or buses. The resort never seemed loud when we were there.

Pasporter Moms did a podcast on Legoland that may help you. I haven’t been but you would be a boat ride away from Disney Springs Lego Store. I think all the parks are different enough. Do Lego first.

Are you doing a separate room for the parents? Only POR has 5 to a room. I loved POFQ my last trip but we are giving POR a try this time.

Your kids are the perfect age for lego land. They will rapidly out grow it. If the hotel had been there when my lego-loving boys were that age, we would have stayed at least one night (I saw it last year but didn’t stay). For us, it would be a definite don’t miss because, as I said, they will outgrow it fast. My son would rather do that and miss WDW if given a chance at that age, but he is a lego freak. have fun!

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Thanks so much for the encouragement! I’ve booked 5 nights POFQ and then 2 nights Legoland hotel… we’ll have two whole days at legoland (hrs 10 am - 5 pm) then fly out at 10:30 am after our last night. :slight_smile: Not quite as much WDW as I would pick… but should be awesome all round and make everyone happy. If my parents come too we might try to share a 1 BR villa at AKL for the first 5 nights then head to Legoland… we shall see!

One thing i forgot to add. I only walked around the hotel (didn’t stay) but it was loud and somewhat chaotic. I don’t know why it felt more so than a WDW hotel (but we stay dvc so maybe that impacts what I see). Not sure if that matter if u r dealing w sensory issues. I’m sure there r ways to get away - it’s so close to the park easy to slip away. I’m a little sad my kids have out grown it. Don’t think we will go on our next trip but we’ve been a few times. When u g start at the back and work your way forward. Made a huge diff in wait times.

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Oooh… good points. Alternative (that gives us better crowds at WDW) is to go from airport to Legoland, stay at hotel one or two nights, then start at WDW Saturday morning. Except hoping to do HS EMM Saturday morning… so would raterh be on site at WDW so we don’t have to drive from Legoland at the crack of dawn to be there for 7:45… Decisions decisions!!!

I know – its impossible! good luck! my youngest (almost 10) just announced he wants to go again on our next trip. I thought we were done with Lego land (my 12 year old is definitely over it). Now I need to look at all our plans and try to figure out how to make that work again. sigh. The planning never ends. I will try to enjoy though as I really think this will be our last visit there.

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