Help! I need advice on flying in and adding rooms

Ok, so originally we were going to drive to WDW on 12/16. Spend the night off property and then check in to WL on 12/17. We are staying there 12/17-12/23. Now dh is thinking about flying out of New Orleans if the price is good and flying home on the 24th. How would I go about doing that if I don’t want to rent a car? Would probably do value resort for the night of the 16th so we could use ME and then what would be best for after we check out on the 23rd? Add another night value or take ME to airport and stay somewhere around there? I’ve totally confused myself now. :grimacing:

You could not get me near any airport those last days before Christmas. No thank you.

You could either try for a value room on 16th and 23rd (but that may be tough by now) or try for a hotel near/at airport. In both cases you could use MDE. I’m not thinking you’re going to get “good pricing” for those dates for airline, and your hotel rooms will be expensive no matter where you get them.

Just my opinion without having looked, but leaning on conventional wisdom.

ME to the airport and hanging there is simple, but probably boring. You could also use Uber/Lyft to get around which would let you stay pretty much anywhere and potentially do something with the extra time in Orlando.

Now that I have looked:

Values are not available on 12/16; your cheapest value room on 12/23 - with discount - is $144

Airfare didn’t look too bad tho.

That’s what I was afraid of. May just stick to original plan and drive. I just dread 14 hours in the car! Lol I’ll research it somemore I guess. Thank ya’ll!