Help! I Just book a trip & leave on Thursday

Does anyone know if Disney will overnight the yellow luggage tags & the book with the info with only 4 days until we fly down to Fl from Ma?

I know another liner paid for express mailing but with Christmas mail it may be rough. Did you call the magical express line? 1 (866) 599-0951

You can always go to the desk at DME and they can help you there as well.

Not yet but that was what I was thinking. Call and see what ME says. Thanks for the #. I did read the posts either on forum or the “other place” about cutting the yellow tags if you needed more & going to ME desk at the airport.

You don’t need the yellow tags. You can just give them your checked bag tags and they will get them if needed. It will all work out! Enjoy!

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Thanks. This is my 6th trip but I’ve never done on with such a short wait time.

Are you going to go to one of the MVMCP?

Not sure it’s just me & Ds13 going on this trip. We did MVMCP in 2010 with the whole family. We talked about it but Ds not sure he wanted to do it again.