Help! How do I change back to mobile?

Ihelp !! The typing is not visible!

Ok, that was weird. But seriously, I accidentally hit “desktop” somewhere on my iPhone and can’t figure how to go back. I don’t see a mobile option anywhere and reading it like this on the tiny phone screen is killing me! Thanks for the advice!

I see your message.

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Oh, I understand now. Sorry I am not a help. i can’t get Forum to work on my phone.

@Wingsmom that’s ok. I appreciate the thought. It was working till I had a finger slip:-/

@jilliusc See here: Bugs! - #61 by DadHatter

I had the exact same issue on my iPhone using Safari. The link will take you to the comment I posted on what I did to fix it.

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I cleared my cache and history and it went back to mobile view.