Help, Friends got added to my MDE

I made last minute reservations for friends on my computer. Now they are showing up on my MDE friends & family list. They have no clue what they’re doing. Can I set them up with their own MDE and somehow transfer their room only reservation from my MDe to theirs? Then I can show them how to make their own FPPs. I don’t want them to be able to make any changes to any of my FPPs or ADRs.

Have them set up their own WDW account. That will give them a MDE where they can link their trip and tickets and such. Once they have everything linked to their account they can make their own ADR’s and FPP’s within the time limits of coarse. You should then delete them from your My Friends and Family and remove them from your account.

Once they set up their own WDW account since they are on my family & friends list am I automatically on theirs?

Only if they add you. Go to MY Disney Experience then Friends and Family to add or subtract potential family and friends.

You will need to get assistance from Disney IT to transfer this reservation as it is already linked to your MDE. You already have created profiles on your MDE for them so if they set-up their own MDE IT will also need to assist you with merging the profiles.

Once Disney IT has fixed everything you should be able to remove them from your MDE account.

No. you would have to approve their request to add you to their account.

Thanks AuntB. I called IT and they fixed everything. Now I need to get them back so I can manage the fast passes and ADRs for all 4 of us (hubby & myself and our friends). So if I’m understanding this correctly: I send an invite to connect. Friend accepts the invite and their info (room reservations, FPs, ADRs) will all show up in my MDE friends & family list. I can then make FPs and ADRs for the 4 of us. My reservations, etc. will NOT show up on their MDE account. Have I got this right? I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with this one thing. I’ve planned many trips before but never using linked MDE account.

The default will allow them to see your reservations too. But there is an option for you to allow them to view only our shared plans. You can see it under their profile once you are linked.