Help for Saturday Arrival in September

Re-vamping all of my park plans after the SWGE news came out. I’m stumped for our arrival day though. We get in on a Saturday morning, September 28th at 11am; I figure by the time we get to CBR we’ll be ready for the parks by 2pm (hopefully!) What park would you suggest we do that day?

MK is only a 3 on the CL - but it’s a non-party day, and a Saturday, so wouldn’t that make it more crowded?

My other thought was to attempt HS - make an ADR for Hollywood and Vine, do our 3 FP and Fantasmic but is it crazy to try to get in to HS in the middle of the day?

I have a 6, 4 and 3 year old; just trying to avoid crowds as much as possible. Thanks!

We did our arrival day at HS in August last year and it was great. We waited for TSMM, and did other fast passes, and tried to see Fantasmic (it rained, so that didn’t work out.) We spent what was really another 1/2 day later in our trip with Slinky Dog Dash fastpasses and did Jedi training and left the park around 2 or 3.

However - that was before Star Wars so we don’t know what crowds will be like yet.

How long is your trip? I have also done Animal Kingdom for 1/2 a day as there’s not a ton to do there with kids that are younger or shorter.

I will also be at Disney that day! We are arriving Thursday, leaving Monday, just grown ups. We are doing Magic Kingdom that day as it’s a non party day and want to see the fireworks.

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I don’t think I would go to Hollywood Studios on a Saturday in September… I’d prob do a dinner at Epcot and a few rides… or maybe AK.

I agree. I think weekends at HS will go up because it means those who don’t work or have school can make it to (try to) see SWGE on those days. I’d do AK on Saturday, since that, historically, has the lowest crowds of the parks on Saturday. Sunday? Probably MK. Although you didn’t ask about Sunday.

Right, that was kind of my plan - I had been thinking another half day at HS for whatever we didn’t get to the first day. Really if it was up to me I would avoid HS entirely - but my sister is so excited that SW will be open I have to at least make an attempt to go lol.

That’s a good thought - I had crossed Epcot off my list for that day bc of Food and Wine, but maybe if I just plan it around our ADR and avoid F & W until later in the week it won’t be too bad.

My Plan B was AK, maybe I’ll switch that to plan A lol. And Sunday at MK is the only day I have a definite plan for. :slight_smile:

Ah food and wine forgot that… either ADR and prepare for a crowd at Epcot or enjoy AK…