Help for First Timer Please!

WDW vet but first time at UOR and doing adults only. Staying onsite so get the early access and express pass. Quick trip - we get in midday Sat, there all Sun, and then have most of day Mon (730 pm flight so need to leave around 430-5).

Looking at the plans should we do the “Universal Orlando Two-Day/Two-Park Plan with Early Entry” and just do it Sun/Mon? I’m finding that plan kind of confusing about where to start. On my days, early entry is at IOA, so looks like on Day 1 (Sat) I do Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff and then take Hogwarts Express to USF and then Day 2 just follow the day 2 plan?

On that first half-day - any thoughts? Just hang at hotel/pool and casually do USF or go to CityWalk? We will have 3 day pass since same price as 2 day.

Also - would you rent a car or just do a shuttle? Car is $96 (plus a small amount of gas and $44 for parking). Seems like taxi is cheaper and I don’t think we’ll need a car, right? Would lean towards taxi over shuttle to maximize time.

Thanks for help - I can plan a WDW trip but a little clueless about UOR and this is a last-minute trip.

Do not hire a car. Hotels are soo close to parks 10mins walk or boat. Hotels have black cars @$55 plus tip for return journey and they can arrange pickup also but I would just jump in an airport taxi. You don’t need a plan with exp pass. Def use all 3 days. We did 5 days last trip and still missed stuff.
I would do USF on arrival but not the Harry potter stuff and if you have time then pop into IOA for Hulk/Kong. Sunday do a wwohp day following Harry’s journey start in IOA with Hogsmead do the HP rides then take Hogwarts express over to USF around 9 ish. Do Gringotts DA and then have late breakfast on Leaky Cauldron. After that explore DA then take train back to IOA and just wander and do rides with your Exp pass.
Rides that will have queues even with EXP pass are Simpsons, Rip Ride Rocket and Dispicible me in USF and Kong in Ioa but waits should be minimal. You really don’t need a tp exp pass waits are normally less than 15 mins for most rides. On the Monday just do what you feel like or what you have missed.
My favs are Men in Black and Mummy. I prefer uni over wdw now its so less stressfull.

It takes 5 minutes to walk between parks (less than walking around world showcase)

yellow line is walk between parks this map is good to show how close everything is.
There is a free e book on the tp website that has all the harry potter easter eggs and secrets Highly recommend reading it.
Food Finnigens in USF is really good and not expensive. Mythos in IOA is highly rated. Book via uni website. If parks close early then hit city walk for food afterwards instead.

Here is my suggestion
As you are staying on site and already plan on doing early entry.
1 - If you are a HP fan - go to whatever HP side is open and do the main ride FIRST
2 - Do it again if the line isn’t too crazy and you liked it
3 - Hang out in HP area for a bit
4 - Hit the rest of the park with NO PLAN. JUST ENJOY for once. The Express Pass is awesome and will save you so much time. Use the Lines app to help out a little - but for once you can let your nose lead you.

Regarding the car. Renting may be a bit cheaper - however we use a car service - think it was Destination MCO (used by Portafino) - it was awesome. Someone picked us up, helped us with the luggage, they drove, we relaxed, it was a beautiful, CLEAN car. It was well worth the premium

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Where on the Touring Plans website is the Wizarding World free e book? I’ve heard this mentioned twice, and would love to check it out. Maybe I’m just dense, but I can’t find it for the life of me. Thank you!

tab at top right labelled MORE the drop down e-books

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its actually a marauders map!!


First off, I must warn you that I am a Harry Potter fanatic! On my last trip to UOR, I had the same schedule as you. I feel like there is so much to do that I would never take time to swim or just relax, but that’s just me. When I first arrived, I dedicated my entire first half day to all things Harry Potter. I went to USF first in order to do things in the same order Harry did them. After doing everything in USF, I took the Hogwarts Express to IOA and did everything Harry Potter over there.

The second day, I did early entry at USF, did everything I wanted to do there and then went over to IOA and did whatever I could there.

My final day, I started in IOA, did whatever I had left there and then did repeats in both parks before leaving.

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