Help for a friend. Last minute trip advice

I have a friend who is going on a last minute trip with her Mom and grandmother. They are going to stay offsite and will be in Animal Kingdom on 10/11 and are going to Universal on 10/12. They love Avatar and Harrry Potter.

Would you all suggest that they buy their tickets beforehand or wait until they get there? I was thinking they might get some small discount by maybe using Undercover Tourist and buying both at the same time. Also, if they buy tickets to Disney at this late date, is it still possible to get fast passes? I’ve never done a last minute trip! It makes me anxious and I’m not even going!! :joy::joy:

I’d buy the Disney ticket as soon as possible to start making FPs. They won’t get FOP (though they should still look as you never know) but with modifying most stuff should be possible. You can get FPs on the day you go so it’s never too late - it’s just hard to get the popular ones.


Thanks! I think they’ve decided to just do Disney. When you start talking about buying park to park tickets at Universal just to see all of the Harry Potter attractions, that gets sooooo expensive! Having another day in Disney will help with the price of those tickets also! I think they are going to go ahead and buy the tickets.

I know! DH and I would really like to do a Universal day at some point but it would be the most expensive day ever! We’re not rollercoaster people so we’d ignore most of the rest of the park and I’m not sure whether we’d suck it up and ride the HP rides or just take the chicken exits to see the queues but either way it would be a ton of $$$.

But the cheapest annual pass is only $300 so I guess we’d end up with that since we’d want to go at less crowded times anyway.