Help! First time solo and need help choosing park, other questions

Help! I’m going by myself in early May (I’m a 37 y.o. mom) for only one day. I plan on getting there at rope drop and staying until 6 (have to join my husband, we’re there on business). Is it worth my time and money to do a park hopper between MK and Epcot (it’s ~$60 more)? I’m having a terrible time deciding. I like rides but also atmosphere and being able to go at my own pace without kids. I hear there aren’t that many single rider lines in Disney, does that mean a long wait if I don’t have FP even if I’m solo? Will I be able to fit it all in since I’ll be by myself vs. a group? (We went in September with the whole family and I can’t stop thinking about it!) Thanks for your help!

I don’t have any terrific insights for you, but if I were having to go solo, I would pick Epcot and I would spend much of my time going around the World Showcase taking photos and doing the things my kids try to talk me out of, like seeing the Circle Vision of China, and listening to musical groups. I would miss my family too much at the Magic Kingdom. It just wouldn’t be very magical for me.


I would second @alwayscleaning and choose epcot too. You have the single rider line at Test Track that you could take advantage of and you could absolutely get on spaceship earth, living with the land, the seas with nemo without much of a wait. Early May is still Flower and Garden festival so take advantage of a solo stroll around World Showcase to enjoy the food booths. I took a solo trip last May, I’m a mom, and can’;t say how much I enjoyed a glass of wine or a beer without having to stress about the kids. It’s magic!
Enjoy your solo day!!!

MK would make me think of the kids… so I would do Epcot as well!!!

That’s a tough choice! I would definitely just pick one. Personally, I missed my kids at MK & Epcot, but still had a blast. So many things are easier with just 1 person: navigating the crowds, getting a 4th FP+, easy & quick dining, not having to manage the needs of the entire family. Either park, you’ll get much more done in a day, so just pick your favorite!

Agree with others, I’d just do Epcot… Soarin’, TT single rider, Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, (maybe Ellen’s Energy just for kicks), Living with the Land, Imagination, then head out to World Showcase for amazing food and browsing around and consider FEA. I’d try for FPP for FEA, SE, MS (although you don’t need FPP for MS). Try for 4th FPP for Soarin’ because you’ll probably want to ride that puppy a second time.