Help Finding Heat Maps

I need help finding the Heat Maps For Hour by Hour crowd/wait times, on the website. My phone gets them from But My Computer will not display them in my browser. I have seen even more indepth heat maps from But it is just a blog and no link to the heat maps.


I saved the link :slight_smile:

Scroll to bottom


Thank you so much!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for! The blog has other heat maps for actual predicted wait times for several attractions with in a park on a day. Do you know if that information ever made it to the website? Thanks Again.

Just wanted to say Thanks Again!!! I was able to make my own Heat Maps using the wait time data from This way I have the dates and the parks I am going to visit. All my ADR’s are set! Now just have to wait for the count down to hit 0. Thanks again for your help!


Wow this is a new area for me, more to explore!