Help finding a site

I remember there was a detailed site that would list park hours, parade times and performer/character times and I haven’t seen it in years…
Anyone know what I am talking about? Have a link?
I know TP has plenty of this info as well but I just wondered if it still existed…


This site has copies of the current (and past) Times Guides, which are WDW handouts. .That’s one source. Disney’s site has all those things listed, and more, for future dates but they release information gradually, starting with biggees like hours, parades, and fireworks. Some entertainment doesn’t get released until within 2 weeks. And of course the park hours can keep changing right up to the day of.

Could this be it?

Are you talking about Steve Soares’ site?

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Thanks guys…it was Steve Soares…

I will keep the others bookmarked too

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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