Help! Epcot...6/16

So, I’ve put in all the things we want to do, fastpasses I have…and when I optimize…it sends me to Journey into the Imagination, first…

I have an 8 am GG, planning on RDing Soarin’, going straight to Test Track, seeing Joy and Sadness, then heading for Spaceship Earth(10:40 FP+). After this, I planned to see what time it was in the actual world…if we have time, that would be a good lunch break, at Electric Umbrella, if we are hungry, or we will head back towards Mexico and Norway. I have a FP+ at 1:30 for Frozen. After we ride the Frozen ride, and the Mexico ride…and hopefully get a pic with Donald…I plan to head back to Future world to do Ellen as our break, Journey into Imagination, Living with the land, Nemo and Turtle Talk…then we are outta there for the day. Sound reasonable…hoping to pick up extra FP+s as we go through the last ones, but none of the after Mexico things are important…just gravy…does this sound reasonable…or am I crazy???
Mary Anne

It sounds reasonable. I think the most important thing is - will keeping your plan make you happy? Do it!

Unless you have a little one who would usually need a longer nap in the middle of the day then it seems very reasonable.

I like your plan. It sounds good! I’ve never eaten at EU. We always eat at Sunshine Seasons when we want QS in future world. We also love the food from the bakery in Norway (They have a ham and apple sandwich that I love) or nachos and such from Mexico. We also liked fish and chips from England, and Tangierine cafe in Morocco.

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Thanks guys… awspoede, I would eat anywhere…but picky dd(10) will be eating lots of places that week, and it is our last park day, so I am going with the Chicken Nugget place…:). I would prefer Mexico, and if I can talk her into it…we may grab a bite there…but we may not be super hungry, as we have GG in the morning. Trying to get out of Epcot at a reasonable time as ds(17) and dd(15) and dh will be at UOR all week, and that is their pool/condo day…and ds has asked to go to Cars 3 that night in Disney springs…:slight_smile: I love when the big kids are sentimental! We had a Cars birthday for his 5th birthday… :slight_smile: <3