Help! DVC shop

Anyone used them? They have a confirmed reservation I want to snag.

I have used them 3 times and really had no issues except once the room type wasn’t accurate.


It’s one of the ones I haven’t used, but they’re reputable and most of them are about the same as far as what you get. If the price is right, I’d go for it.

I actually saw a post from you about trying four different agencies for a confirmed reservation and it was on your list. So, I went for it!

Waiting for confirmation from the owner but I should be at BWV Christmas week instead of CBR. Reservation is for one more night than we need but is still <20% more than my CBR room.


Nice upgrade! I guess it depends on how you feel about that 20%, but IMO it would be worth it.

Well, math failure. But in a good way. It’s 12%. :roll_eyes: And BWV is definitely 12% better. And apparently I was ok with almost 20% so double bonus!


That’s the right kind of failure!


Is the extra night on the beginning of the trip? Because that’s a bonus that you should be able to get into your room even if you arrive in the morning!

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Nope. At then end. We are leaving Christmas Eve and reservation is through to Christmas Day. I suggested a later flight and take advantage of a built in late check out but the fam freaked.

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