Help Deciding! WL, POR, POFQ, Epcot resort

Travelling with my Dad (72 years young) for 4 nights in May. He has a bad knee and struggles to walk long distances, can navigate WDW okay but we’d like to minimize walking. We’re planning on park hopping with an afternoon break, MK 2 or 3 evenings, AK RD once, HS RD twice, EP pm once or twice.
My dad likes the idea of boat to MK from WL ($1000), but I’m concerned about transport woes to the other parks. I like POR preferred room ($750) because of pool and transport, or POFQ ($800) (I tentatively booked POR since it’s cheaper). Considering Epcot area resorts (BW or YC likely) to minimize transportation, but probably not a great idea since it looks like that means a lot of walking?
All input welcome (read: desperately needed!)
This is a special trip since my dad had to miss our November family trip last minute for some heart troubles… so excited for a Father-Daughter trip! (Yes, I am 39 years old, and yes, I am leaving my kids at home… }:smiley: )
By the way, this is a once-in-a-lifetime father-daughter trip, so I don’t mind spending more money if people really think it’s worthwhile to do so!


Sounds great! I am 40 and my Dad is no longer here. I would LOVE to have a trip with him again! We would have to go to Epcot every day though, it was always his favorite. If you are going to MK 2-3 days I would probably lean towards WL. We always rent a car so I can’t speak to the transportation issues to the other parks though.

If your dad likes the idea of WL and this is a once in a lifetime thing for the two of you, I would swing it and go there. We actually ended up with WL for almost exactly the same price when the discounts came out. I say splurge and be happy.

A much as I love POR, and it’s our “go to” resort with a family of 5, I don’t think I would recommend it. It’s pretty large, and although there are 4 bus stops (less walking), you still could be far away from the main building/food court. (More walking) As @gracebice said, this is a once in a lifetime trip. I think I would splurge on W - and with discounts you may be closer in price than you think.

I think that WL is a good choice for several reasons:

  • It’s what your dad is interested in
  • The ferry to MK is very convenient
  • Bus transportation is on a par with the other resorts (we never had any problems there)

Since its just the two of you, I would consider renting a compact car - that way you can get the car from the resort lot and pick up your dad at the lobby. If he happens to have a handicap placard you can also take advantage of handicap parking at the parks. You should be able to get a good deal on a car at if you keep checking back and rebooking every time you get a better price.

I love, love POR. I have stayed their at least eight times ( until I hit 50 and my back could no longer take those beds). I would never, ever recommend POR for your Dad. Yes, WL can be difficult from the other parks. From experience, a cab from HS to WL was under 16.00. Book WL and put aside some cab money for HS and you will be fine ( you can get the monorail from EP or if MK is still open when you are leaving EP at night and you are in a World Showcase, go to Beach Club and take the bus to MK to get the boat).

Sounds like you’ll be spending most of your time at MK. WL seems like the way to go. Boat is convenient, and bus transportation isn’t bad (I’d compare it to POR with 2 stops- WL and FW- instead of 4 stops around one resort). If EP was your focus, I’d suggest BC/YC or BWI. You can bypass walking to the parks by taking Friendships across Crescent Lake.

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I agree with the others and would go with WL. Having the boat access to MK will be great… its a lovely ride and relaxing over lagoon! In this case, I do think its worth the splurge to go deluxe. Have a GREAT trip with your dad!!!

I have to say, I may have just had a bad experience but BW has been the only deluxe that I woke up in the middle of the night in pain. Real, bad pain, pain that made me think that the beds at POR would be better for me. I think you should consider if Dad will be able to sleep at night.

WHile I liked POR I still get like everything was a far walk… And WL blows it away anyways! Haha it’s a huge resort but I never felt like wverything was a far walk, it’s all compact whih would be perfect for your dad! The boat ride is a great way to get to mk… I feel like I’m spoiled now from staying there! Plus the bus is one of the first stalls in te bus loop at mk if you decide to take the bus. Have fun… I will never forget going to Epcot with just my dad, what a fun trip! Enjoy it!!!

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I vote for WL, too. We’ve stayed at YC due to proximity to Epcot, but it is a lot of walking. My dad (68 years young) with a bad knee would definitely have trouble with it. The boat from WL to MK is super. We have never had boat issues to MK, or bus issues to the other parks. We like the boat so much, we always take the boat to MK then catch the monorail (because it is a ride :smiley:) to Epcot. If I had to choose for my dad, I would definitely choose WL.

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I’m not going to disagree with what others said, since the overwhelming consensus seems to be Wilderness Lodge, but did want to add a different experience. My father, who was about the same age with similar physical limitations, really enjoyed stays at the Yacht Club and Boardwalk in recent years. He liked the boat to Epcot or the Studios, which minimized a little walking. At the Boardwalk, he still talks about how much he liked getting breakfast each morning at the Boardwalk bakery.

Both of these locations, particularly the Boardwalk, and rather spread out, so you’d probably want to look at the Touring Plans room finder to locate rooms that are a short walk from the buses and boats, though you’d probably want to do that same at Wilderness Lodge. My father also appreciates a quieter room, so that’s something else to consider when looking at the room finder.

Your father had no problem with the BW beds? I am wondering if it was my room or old beds. I would think a scooter would come in handy at the EP resorts.

I agree with @PrincipalTinker, rent a scooter. Then you can base on your options on what sort of atmosphere you want to enjoy. WL is amazing, the boat ride to MK Is very nice and I don’t see the transportation as a real issue there. YC/BC is another nice option as he may enjoy a leisurely stroll through the WS each night.

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If you don’t go to WL, consider POFQ and request room close to the main building. I was in a building down by the river and was close to the boat to DTD and the walk to the main build/bus stop was about the same as the walk to the boat at WL.

[quote=“PrincipalTinker, post:13, topic:8647”]
Your father had no problem with the BW beds[/quote]

No trouble with the beds, though to be clear (since I neglected to mention this in my first post), we stayed at Boardwalk Villas.

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Thank you so much, everyone! My dad’s heart is set on WL, so WL it is. We’ll take cabs if need if any transportation pinches. :smile: