Help deciding which MVMCP date

Doing MVMCP during our trip (11/25-12/1), our options are Sunday 11/26 or Tuesday 11/28.
Any suggestions on which may be better? We were sort of leaning towards the Sunday one buuuut someone pointed out to me that they think (but don’t know for sure) it may be more crowded than the Tuesday one simply b/c it is a weekend day, could have more locals with just MVMCP ticket and technically the last day of Thanksgiving break (although is a school night, from that respect).
We could probably make either option work into our plans, any feedback is appreciated!

I agree that Tiesday has the potential for being less crowded. Every time I have an AP I go to the parties on long weekends. Usually I go on a Sunday night. You have locals and long weekend guests on the weekends. Of course it may be that they all will be busy- who knows?