Help Choosing Park Reservation for Food & Wine Visit Nov 15-20

DM - DD visit prime objective to visit Food & Wine Festival.
DD is very classic Disney & has not seen any Star Wars Movies (blasphemy for many, I know DM only seen original) needless to say HS is not a top priority, but will go one day and hope to get BG. Visit scheduled Nov 15-20
Nov 15 arrive visit Disney Springs dinner recommendations?
Nov 16 Tuesday MK - PH to Epcot later afternoon
Nov 17 Wednesday HS - Ph to Epcot later afternoon
Nov 18 Thursday AK - Ph to Epcot later afternoon
Nov 19 Friday MK - Ph to Epcot later afternoon
Nov 20 Saturday Flight is @ 10:15pm leave for airport 6pm on MagicExpress
Spend final day at Epcot
Does this seem like good Park Reservaitons

Looks like a great plan to me.

I think this sounds great! With Epcot not opening until 11am, it seems like such a waste to use a park reservation when you could just hop there at 2!

Sounds like an excellent trip, but I would have to spend 1 night in MK to see the castle lights and fireworks.

I’m there same week, so far I’ve planned…

Monday 11/15 EP
Tuesday 11/16 MK
Wednesday 11/17 HS
Thursday 11/18 EP
Friday 11/19 AK

All my days could include park hopping it somewhere later :slight_smile: