Help - change one day

Hi! Travelling with 3 adults, 17 yr old and 12 yr old. Kids just informed me they want to do one day at Universal. Have I mentioned we are leaving in a week? We currently have one day each at Epcot, HS, and AK, plus day and a half at MK. What would you leave out at their ages? Second day in MK is designed for sleep in day. Feeling the stress… Thanks.

That’s a very short trip to try to squeeze in universal. To see both universal parks I think you would need at least two days unless you are missing a bunch (maybe they are only interested in Harry Potter attractions). That is also a lot of extra ticket expenses. Do you have the option of adding a few days to the back end of the trip?

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With so few days I’d just tell them sorry, it’s not happening. You don’t really have any wriggle room.

We have a flight to catch, so no extra time. Thanks.

Unless you haven’t purchased your DW tickets, I’d have to tell my kids “sorry, not happening”. A week before is not acceptable, to me, and you shouldn’t have to deal with added stress because they just decided it. If you haven’t purchased tickets, then maybe kill your 2nd MK day and inform them that you’ll be sleeping in so it won’t be a full Universal day?

Wow. I would. Not make any changes. You are adding over $500 for a last minute change.

Stick to your plan.

Now I may be sticking my neck out here but you did say a 17 and 12 year old. Perhaps if they are so incluned and really want to do this. They can buy their own ticket and transportation and go by them selves.

At the very least if you tell them that you can see how much they really eant the universal day. They probably have no clue. And as long as it is someone elses pursestrings what does it matter.

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I agree, if you’ve already purchased your disney tickets this is a big expense to absorb for a last minute change. But, assuming you are willing to absorb the expense, I would skip HS or AK. When we have taken short trips, we have skipped one or both of those parks to spend extra time in Epcot and MK. If you have park hoppers, you might be able to combine those into 1 day, hit a highlight at both of those parks (use the express transport bus), and that will to free up a day for Uni. Good luck!

I would not change plans either, it is too late in my opinion. We go to Universal when we travel to Orlando, but only if we have more than a week. WDW takes a lot of time, and I would not cut any of the parks. Save Universal for another trip, the one day there will cost you a lot. Maybe plan a Universal only 3-4 day trip and stay onsite for early admission and express passes?