Help! Breakfast or Tea

For DD 5 bday I booked crystal palace for 8 and perfectly princess tea for 10:30. Got a call from WDW that they are changing the tea time to 9:00 starting in 2018, so my time was changed and now conflicts with crystal palace. I can’t move either to another date. I need advice. Is the tea worth it? Will she remember it? Would crystal palace be cool for a 5 yo birthday? Any advice from those who have done one or both would be appreciated. Thank you liners, you’re the best!

What if you all split into 2 groups? Maybe the others would enjoy the buffet at crystal palace, and you and your daughter can do tea room?

My daughter did it once for her 9th birthday, well sorta… she actually turned 9 3 months later, but it was the intent. Anywho… it wasn’t worth the price to us in the long run. She ate none of the food provided (didn’t care for any of the sandwiches, and said the apple juice tasted funny) so we still had to go get a full lunch anyway. She is also not a huge fan of Aurora which is the doll they give. She did like the tiara, bracelet and necklace, she still has those. I cannot recall what the sandwiches were, sorry, plus by now they may have changed. What about possibly doing a mermaid make over or seeing about getting in to BBB and doing a lunch at CRT or possibly Akershus dinner in her princess dress??

Thank you all. I think that we might go with the tea for the princess factor. She saw the commercial on Disney Jr. and just started practicing sipping tea like a princess. You all are great!

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