Help again - MDE account, adding a ticket for a person on same MDE or Not

Ok so I have a trip booked for 4 of us total next week which is myself, my Mom and my 2 kids.

My husband is potentially going to join us mid-trip but may or may not stay with us. My question is, can you have a person on your MDE account that you add a park ticket for and then add fast passes who isn’t on the lodging reservation, or is that risky? I’m almost positive I can create a new MDE just for him, link his park ticket, and then add him as friends and family but the reason I wasn’t going to do that is he’s already listed on my MDE from previous trips he’s taken with us.

Thanks in advance for the help everyone!

You can just link the ticket to him. Under the umbrella policy you should be able to make FPs for him. You have not asked but I will add that he will not have access to the door key or EMHs.

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Yes you can and there is no risk that I am aware of.

Just remember to book the FPPs for your husband he needs to have a valid park ticket linked into your MDE account, so buy his tickets before your 60 day window opens.