Help a FPP newbie out?

Question for all of you expert planners…this is my first time trying to make a TP with FPP system. We have 6 people in our party and one of them is my little niece who is 39in tall. Therefore, we have different FPP for her and my sister. Do I need to make 2 TP? One for them and one for the rest of us? It is so confusing. When I include all of the FPP in a single plan, it really limits how many attractions we can see/do, even though sometimes we will be riding 2 different rides at approximately the same time. Does this make sense? TIA!!

When I had this situation, I put the longer wait in the TP and added a note on that step with details about the shorter. Ex: I put splash mountain in the TP with our FPP. Then I added a note that my 3yo niece and her mom would be riding Magic Carpets with a FPP at the same time. Worked well for me.

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Wow-I am seriously about to give up on this. I put our FPP times in (eliminating the ones with shorter expected wait times) break and dinner reservation times, etc and the plan doesn’t even have things in the right order. I can move them around and when I optimize and or evaluate, It removes the FPP and then everything is a mess. I can’t imagine not having to use FPP when we are there mid-March. I loved using TP for our trips back when you didn’t have to have these FPP reservations. I am totally overwhelmed.

If you use evaluate it should not reorder your steps. I know it can be frustrating at times but you can get it to work for you.

My suggestion is to keep it create the main plna… Then copy it and make the needed changes for your sister.

I usually add what I want to do… Hit optimize. Then add FPP to the times I want and move those rides there… Hit evaluate. Keeps it all in same order. If something didn’t work, move it so it does and evaluate again.

Tales a little working, but like what I have in the end. I also tweak a lot…

Check to make sure you have the option selected to force the plan to use your FPPs

Ooooo I didn’t know that was an option. Ok, maybe I will try again tonight! Thank you@

Yes - look under the advanced options in the box where you set up the fastpasses

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Also, check to make sure your FP times are correct with AM or PM. When I was a newbie, I had these mixed up once and nothing worked. :smile:

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I’m not typical of a TP planner b/c I didn’t actually use a TP in the park. But, I have a lot of experience doing what you did: breaking up a group of 6 into 2 groups for the purposes of FPP, and, sometimes we also had different ADRs (DD7 wanted princess dining while older sons did not, etc). Whether or not you can get the actual TP to work it works out fine if you just know that you’ll be apart for a block of time. It can be a short or long block of time, whatever works for you. I typically had our groups apart for a few hrs when we were apart. It was never a problem over 3 visits, each a week long. We just made sure that we all had our cell phones on sound so if we needed to contact each other we could.

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