Help - 2-day MK plan too empty?

Hi all -

My husband, 7 year old daughter, and I are first time visitors going to WDW in April. I could use some help improving our MK 2-day touring plans. They are largely based on the “Two-Day Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children” designed by TP that can be seen here:

We intentionally don’t have any of the big rides (coasters) - our daughter would not be able to handle them. We also added in all the character meets, which she wants to do. It seems like these plans have us doing a ton, but upon closer examination there are random lulls of 1-2 hours throughout each of them. The only reservation we have is dinner at The Crystal Palace on Day 2.

MK Day 1:

MK Day 2:

Does anyone have suggestions of things we should do to fill those gaps of time? I noticed there doesn’t seem to be any evening parade listed - will MK add a new evening parade by then?

Day 2 is Easter - does MK do anything special that day?

Also, even when I ask TP to “force” three FP+ reservations, it still won’t suggest ANY. If my plans are really so efficient that I don’t need ANY FP+, should I just try to request FP+ for my first three attractions on each day, so I can add a fourth later on?


A few casual observations based on your post and not necessarily your plans

1 - DO the big rides. Child swap it out but do the big rides if YOU or your Husband wants to. Even walking with her throught the queue at Space Mountain is cool
2 - As you are there at Easter PACK YOUR PATIENCE!!! It is VERY crowded at that time of year

To fill time I would
1 - re-ride things you like
2 - just wander and enjoy the atmosphere. Go into the shops and “mess” as we call it.

One of the things we do is ensure we get a Christmas ornament - so we also make sure we go to the christmas shop. But is is just fun to mess around

Also do the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom that is a lot of fun.

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Does your DD have any interest in meeting any other characters. My DD’s faves were Rapunzel and Tiana at MK and mine was the meet with Tinkerbell. Much better interactions than during the character meals.

For fastpasses, I would choose the attractions with the longest waits.

There will be an Easter parade before Festival of Fantasy parade that is very cute.

Make sure you hit the parades and fireworks for sure.

This plan has us returning back to the resort from 12 pm-4 pm in which case we’d miss the Festival of Fantasy parade (and an Easter parade, it sounds like). I guess maybe we’ll cut that 4 hours down to make it to those…

Another suggestion for FastPasses would be to try and get some for what you expect will be your “must do” or favorite rides. That way if something unexpected happens (illness, transport wrinkle) and you arrive later than planned, you know that you will be able to do those without much wait. This saved our behinds on Peter Pan last time. If nothing does happen, then you get to ride twice! I like to do Fastpass windows of 10:30; 11:30 and 12:30. Then after you ride the 3rd one, you can start with your 4th.

We really tried to utilize the 4th as best we could. Even with a 15-20 minute wait we often would grab the 4th fastpass for 15-20 minutes into the future and use that time to shop or snack!

If you are doing 2 days, I would definitely suggest either an early break one day and return to see the parade or no break on one day and just leave early!

There should be a 12:00 parade on Easter, always has been the last few years.

I can’t see your plans. Is Easter usually that bad in terms of it being busy? We went in April during MA school vacation weeks and it wasn’t bad. We went back the 4th of July and it was noticeably both more crowded, but the waits weren’t horrible for most things. FEA was ridonkulous and so was 7DMT. The rest were fine. We waited at most, 35 minutes to ride BTM. I have memories of waiting a very long time to ride most things from childhood.

when do they stop doing the easter parade? does it run all Easter week?

I agree w/ Melcort10, make the FP for the must dos, just in case.
In adventureland you can do a pirate map for free (the name escapes me now.
The tree house is fun to explore more then once. Tom Sawyer island can easily be an hour.

i can’t see the plans either. I’m also going the week following Easter Sunday. Crowd levels are 7-8 right now. I expect they will increase though @pmoriart

No, it is only on Easter Sunday. It’s quite short, just a few floats before the FOF parade.

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Yeah. When we were there for the 4th, crown levels were like a 10 and it wasn’t horrible with the exception of fireworks. It was terrible then.

A few days before Christmas the wait to BTMR was 55 min. Um no thank you. Thankfully we had FP!

signs said 45 min when we were there mid-day on July 3, but realistically the wait was 25 minutes. Not bad. That line moves pretty fast at BTMR

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