*HELP*1 day trip to Disneyland-Will a customized TP be helpful/accurate?


My family and I will be going to Disneyland on 8/23 just for a day. I haven’t been for a very long time. I used TP years ago for our WDW trip and the TP were very helpful and very accurate. I have made a customized TP for our Disneyland 1 day trip but I am worried that it won’t be very accurate and I have wasted all this time. We are also doing just a morning at DCA-we fly out at 4-wish we could stay longer! I definitely want to fit as much in the day as possible :slight_smile: and I am considering now to get the MaxPass as well. We are planning on being there by rope drop to maximize our day. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

If TP is available, I use it and trust it.

I’m not sure why you are questioning the accuracy? One of the unique things about TP is that you can input so much personal data (your start time, your specific ride choices, your time for lunch/breaks) and make something unique to you that will be successful.

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Thank you for your advice! I LOVED using my touring plans when we went to WDW but I saw a few comments on other threads that said the DL Customized touring plans weren’t as accurate??? Then I panicked lol!

Have a great day!

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Hmmmm. I will readily admit I’m not knowing much about DL but I would still rather go WITH a TP than without especially if I was unfamiliar with a park. The times I’ve gone without a TP have been disastrous.

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That is really why I wanted a plan because I have been so busy with life and haven’t had much time to research all the ins and outs I did with WDW. I will keep my plan:)!

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DL plans aren’t as accurate to the minute as WDW plans seem to be, but I still make one near every DL trip because it gives me a good starting point, and one place to keep track of what we’d like to get accomplished for the day.

As I see wait times start to deviate from what the plan expected, we can make some judgement calls on what/where to do next using the Disneyland App wait times as well as looking at the TP screen that shows the attractions in that park & look for ones that say “Go now” (in green text).

You can also re-optimize your TP as you see wait times deviate but in my experience that can be a process as you have to make sure the app knows where you are by making sure you’ve marked your last steps as done (and sometimes it still doesn’t even recognize that you are in Fantasyland by last completing Dumbo so I have to manually enter the location near the top and THEN re-optimize).

And I find optimize makes us zig-zag all over & we while we don’t mind it, after about 2-3 where we’re only saving a few minutes, we quickly abandon any criss-crossing effort required.

And lastly, if you get MaxPass you will only do better than the plan anticipates, so if it’s within budget and with such limited time I highly recommend!!!


MaxPass is the best and a must!! It’s 15.00 per day and per person but that does include photos. You can usually use up to 5 to 8 max passes per day if you stay til closing. It’s worth the money. Not sure if you need a full touring plan for Disneyland/DCA but it would be a good guide line. Go to Cars first in DCA, then the to Pier. I think the annual pass holders are still black out at Disneyland on August 23rd. If so, I would do rope drop DCA first because annual pass holders can enter that park. The parks & Downtown Disney maybe a little more crowded because on August 23 it’s D-23 event at the convention center across the street from the parks. Or the crowds could be super low for the same reason all the big Disney fans at the convention. Wishing you super low crowds, light traffic and safe travels! Oh one more thing, Mobile ordering for food is a great time saver.


For our DL trip last year, I did not think the touring plans were as helpful or necessary as at WDW for two reasons. One was having Maxpass, which I highly recommend and is a complete game changer. So much better than FPP in my opinion, but you can’t know in advance what will be available and when. The second factor is that rides seemed to break down more frequently and for long stretches of time, so we were constantly having to work around that. My plan was blown first thing our first morning - we were rope dropping Peter Pan which has no Maxpass, and shortly after park opening it broke down. So we had to decide whether to wait or leave the line…after 30 minutes we left and from that point on our plan was guided by what our next Maxpass was and other rides’ wait times. Never did get to ride Peter Pan as the wait was always long. But we did score lots of Multiple Experience Maxpass’s by getting Small World passes while it was offline forever. Never got to ride that one either :cold_sweat:. The next day at DCA Racers and TSMM we’re both down for a long time in the morning. So I would advise you to know how you want to start the morning and have a bucket list of what you want to do, then play it by ear with Maxpass.


Thank you for all of the details! You have answered a lot of questions I was wondering about! Thank you for taking the time to respond, it was very helpful!

Thank you for letting me know your thoughts! I hadn’t thought about rides breaking down. It sounds like I will need to be flexible :wink:!

Thank you for responding! I will for sure get MaxPasses for us when we get in the park! I appreciated all of the helpful advice!:smiley: