Hello and THANK YOU ALL!

Good Morning,
I just wanted to thank you all for this forum and the information packed in here. I am learning so much from you all and I truly appreciate it.
I am planning a WDW trip for 1st week of November 2017. My last time in the Kingdom was in 1979 and stayed at the Polynesian Resort. So much has changed and I am truly excited.
As I live in Los Angeles, I am a semi regular visitor to Disneyland which is awesome, but I cannot wait to get back to the World.
Again I thank you all for your wisdom and advise I am following.



I hope you have a fabulous trip!! Thank you for the encouraging words. :smiley:

What a nice post!

$5 please. Ha - we are all geeks and like to share

$5!!! to everyone?..guess I better rethink this trip and look into the All Stars resort, cause that’s gonna eat up my budget.