Height restrictions

My DS5 is right around 44 inches—maybe shorter barefoot but definitely taller than 44 with shoes. We have a couple months until our spring trip but I was wondering about people’s experiences with height measurements for Space and EE. We were just at Great Wolf Lodge and he was allowed to ride a waterslide with a certain height requirement and then denied another one with the same height requirement. And at WDW, with FPP and waiting and planning, it is even more important to get it right. I know my DD was measured at Soarin’ last time we were there out in the paviliion where the line starts but she was a good 2 inches taller than necessary so it wasn’t traumatic. Hoping to manage both FPP reservations and expectations. Experiences?

As long as she meets the height requirement with shoes, she’ll be good. My daughter cleared Tower of Terror by the little “button” on the top of her hat she was wearing when she went with her dad and stepmom when she was four, and the CM let her ride. I may have had a heart attack when I found out, but alas, that’s another story for another day. LOL.

My niece was borderline. She was refused at Everest and Space mountain one day. The next day allowed On Space twice then refused the third time we tried to ride. I explained to her each time she could try but any of the cast members could tell her no at any time. Once on Space she cleared at the entry measure but was denied by the ride loader CM. If your little is close plan on thick shoes, practicing standing tall, try to ride early morning before gravity takes the edge off.

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That’s what I was worried about–being cleared at the entry but not after the line. If he’s close at home, I think we will tell him he has to skip those 2 rides. Then he’ll have something to look forward to next trip. Actually, I’ll just start feeding him a bunch and maybe he’ll grow a 1/2 inch by then…74 days.

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