Height Restriction discrepancies

I had a strange thing happen to us last week. We went to Mission Space and my son measured under the 44" and was denied entry. Two days later he measured well over the 44" requirement for Space Mountain. Two days after that he was fine for the 44" requirement for Everest. What gives? Our doctor just measured him 44" last month.

Could it be the time of day? People have reported that you are tallest in the morning, and then shrink a bit as you walk in the heat and gravity as the day goes on.

Sounds good but all this happened by 1030 AM.

Sounds like he is a fan of Space Mountain and Everest, but not so much for Mission Space. Standing up very straight versus a little slumping?

No first trip and really wanted Mission Space.

This makes me want to pack a tape measure to check the accuracy or the different signs. I wonder if uneven ground could be a factor

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I bet it is uneven ground? I wish they had an official height taken at check in & then that info scanned into the MB.


This is frustrating. I was hoping Disney had started an official height tracker. Dollywood (our closest park) has a system where you are measured and given a color coordinated bracelet.

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