Height Requirement List

Is there a place I can easily see a list or rides at UOR with height restriction for each?

The uni website has all that info. Its a bit difficult to navigate but it is all there. Think its I under planning your visit but not sure. I got the info from there for our trip. Its the most accurate and up to date. The tp website might have it listed on the app under the parks tab at the bottom of the page I can’t remember

Off the top of my head I know dragons and hulk are 54" and RRR is 51", not sure about the other rides tho. We worked out the key ones and had them marked on the wall for 6 months before the trip so DS8 knew if he’d grown enough - luckily he hit the magic 54" with a month or so to spare.

I don’t know if anyone is still watching this thread, but I would like to add a reminder that the height requirements are often not a good indication of what a child may be able to handle. My DS4, who loves both Harry Potter and Transformers, was very excited when he met the height requirement for EFG and Transformers. However, when the rides were over, he looked at me and said “I am never going on that ride again!” Both rides were a bit too intense for him. Oddly enough, if you ask him now, 9 months later, he will tell you that Transformers was his favorite ride. Go figure!

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@rebeecky, this! Our DS4 breezed through Transformers, Men in Black, Gringotts, Simpsons, and posed with a huge smile with Megatron. When we got off Spiderman, however, he was all, “I can’t believe you took me on that!” in a very you’re-a-bad-parent accusatory tone.

Five months later, he decided it was pretty cool after all. Meanwhile, his 9 year old brother, huge fan of HP, was terrified by Gringotts.