"Heads Up" app helps pass time in line

I keep meaning to post how helpful the “Heads Up” app was for passing time in line! We did the kids deck and it was a brilliant way to entertain 3 kids and random bystanders in line! http://www.ellentv.com/2013/05/02/download-ellens-app-heads-up Even though we had small wait times thanks to tips on Chat, it is Disney and you do wait for things or a ride line gets held up temporarily, so this was the best distraction attraction I have tried in years. Kids deck was best but would b easy for adults. Other decks would be best for 15 and up. Video game deck had many unknown and obscure games. Money well spent. It does use precious battery power but I have a Morphie on my phone so I wasn’t a problem. :blush:


I agree - this was one of our favourite ways to pass the time while waiting that involved the whole family - fun and stopped our girls losing disappearing into the social media world.


Thanks! Just downloaded it. I had some iTunes GC money left and had no idea what to spend it on.

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You will be happy you did. It is one of the best apps I have downloaded in a long time. I think we will find times to use it out here in the real world too! Made the time pass really quickly!


DS and I played this while waiting for a bus back in May and about several other people in line joined in our game. It was so much fun!