Headliners in 1 Day - RD, FP, Skip?

I’m helping friends plan their spring break trip and they only have 1 day at MK, so I’m trying to figure out how to advise them on the headliners. I can’t help comparing this question to a sleep with, marry, kill game…
Here are your attractions: Space, Thunder, Splash, SDMT, PPF, POC, JC, HM
You RD 2 (obviously they need to be kinda close to each other), you FP 3, you wait 60 minutes for 1, you skip 1, and you hit 1 post fireworks (30 minutes before park closes).
I’d also love to hear your reasoning for the ride to skip and the ride to wait for (AC? interesting queue? Most likely to be shorter than 1 hour mid-day?) My friends won’t be able to get SDMT or PPF FP because they’re booking FP at 30 days, but I won’t hold you to that rule.

DH and I don’t do roller coasters and we went with our toddler while PPF was under refurb, so we’ve only done Splash and HM. This is what I was planning to recommend:
RD: PPF and Space (then Buzz and back to Fantasyland)
FP: Thunder, Splash, and POC
Wait for: HM
Skip: JC
Post Fireworks: SDMT

Think I would RD Splash & BTMRR with hopes of also making it to POC and JC (these are also the ones I would ditch if necessary) before lines really begin to build.

I would FPP Space, PPF, and HM. Then ride 7DMT at close.

Could your friends snag a PPO BOG to use as sort of a bonus FPP?

POC and JC are the ones I would nix just because I sort of categorize them as classics but not as enjoyable as some of the other classics (ie HM and PPF) or some of the newer staples (like 7DMT).

JC line is uncomfortable. POC not bad because it’s covered and has that iconic smell (good thing?).

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RD PP, Thunder, POTC, JC HM
FPP Splash, Buzz, & Space
Last thing 7DMT

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If buzz in the mix, FPP buzz and wait for HM. Buzz is literally the worst line in all of WDW imho

I have heard that. But I am considering telling them to skip Buzz if the line is too long, because they’re doing HS as well and TSM is more fun than Buzz to me. And they should be able to ride it 3 times in my plan.

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@Tate I wouldn’t have thought you could hit so many headliners at RD without the lines building up. I’ll have to put that in TP and see what it says.

@cjandres I’ve heard that you can do a lot in Adventureland because all the crowds are in Fantasyland. That does make me a little nervous that hitting all the Fantasyland rides later would be long lines, but maybe they’d be able to find 4th FP???
Unfortunately PPO is not an option for them.
JC seems totally skippable to me. I’m not one for puns and dad jokes so it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I think I would RD PPF, FP the Mountains and hunt for 4th FPs for POC, JC and HM. I would skip JC if necessary as it’s my understanding that line is a beating. 7D at close.

POC, JC and HM all have good same day FP availability so I would schedule FPs as early as possible starting with Space followed by Splash/BTMRR so you are closer to the other attractions if they can get SDFPs for those. Have you shown them @OBNurseNH’s post on modifying FP in MK?

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Also make sure they know to look for Disney extending hours for their dates in the weeks prior to their trip. They extended MK hours for one of our dates within 30 days and added FPs for all the rides, including 7D.

If they get a good spot for RD, I would say RD 7DMT and PPF ( if they can’t RD 7DMT, do it before close).
FP the mountains, as they all can get crazy waits
Skip JC, I’ve never been a fan and the wait is not worth it
Wait for POC, the line is under cover and inside and waits are usually not too crazy (but better if you could get a 4th FP)
Try to snag a 4th FP for HM or do it before park close

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@DeepInTheHeartofTexas I like your plan. I haven’t shown them how to modify FP yet, but I will. They’re a group of 7 (2 parents, 5 teens) so I’m going to recommend splitting the group for the afternoon of FP hunting. I’m not sure there will be much available because of spring break week (but I know there are multiple spring break weeks so my fingers are crossed!)
I am also expecting an 8 am opening time change. That’s what MK had the week before Easter last year.