HEA Viewing from Boat Dock TTC

Trying to decide where would be the best place to view HEA for our party of 8; 4 kids: 8, 6, 4, and 2. From what I’ve read the boat dock would provide good viewing and a great escape at the end of the night. Any pros or cons would be appreciated.

I know some people have watched from the Poly beach and then walked from there over to the Ticket and Transportation Center

You can’t see the projections from TTC, right?

According to videos I’ve watched you can - I mean not well because they are so far away, but you can see the castle. We’ll be trying it in a couple days.

Can you please post your experience. I think the boat dock would be easier but as this is our grandkids first HEA I do want to stand where they have the best experience. Our oldest DGD 8 remembers everything and will make sure her younger siblings do too :slight_smile:

Absolutely - I plan to specifically take a non-zoomed in picture. I had a really hard time finding something online to show me what you actually see without a fancy camera zooming in. So I plan to take it to post :slight_smile: Will definitely come back and share it!

We did this exact thing last fall. We actually planned to head to the Poly beach to watch after being at MK, but got off the ferry and noticed the boat dock had a great view so we stayed put. We were with our just turned 4 year old girls and an almost 2 year old (not pictured). I hope this helps!

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Curious - I see do not enter signs, yet there are people? Do you happen to remember the situation there?

I believe once you get off the ferry and go through the gates you aren’t suppose to go back through. Some of the people probably just got off the ferry and hadn’t gone through the gates yet. However, many people just went on past the do not enter signs. Clearly, we are rule abiders.

Any update on this?

Hi! Sorry for the delay! I had a week of work training right after we got back so have been super MIA from the boards.

Okay so verdict is this is meh. The view is great. We at dinner at the Poly and decided to just walk over. They had signs up at the beach that it was reserved for resort guests only (4th of July week so very busy). So that solidified our decision.

At ttc you have an awesome view. The CMs had no problems with people walking down past the signs. They stop ferry service during fireworks - so that must be why.

The big issue is the music. There are not speakers by the place with the view. So you can very faintly hear music from the monorail station but not well at all. What would have worked - and I sort of tried - would be to pull a video of the show up on your phone to play the music. Saw someone else do this successfully.

Really bad and blurry pic below. My phone has an awful camera and DH’s died. Hopefully you can at least see how big the castle is from the perspective. It really is a great view - but the lack of music really brought the experience down.

Hmm. Thanks for the feedback. So you can faintly see projections?

You can’t gave it all. The resorts pipe music but no projections.

Yeah you can see colors but if you had never seen it before you would not at all know what it is.