HEA Terrace Dessert Party?

Hi All, We are taking our first trip to WDW in March. My 5yo daughter has never seen fireworks, so DH and I thought it would be really special to book the HEA terrace dessert party for our last night at the parks.
I booked our reservation, but upon reading some reviews, I see people complaining that they couldn’t see the fireworks because people squeezed in front of them, and that it was a disappointing experience.
Can anybody give me their recent experiences and any tips to make sure she is able to see the fireworks?
Thank you!

We got there about 7:40 pm and it seemed like tables were being assigned on order of arrival. We weren’t on the rail but on the second row of tables. We had a pretty good view but there was some blockage on the highest fireworks. For us it was a sacrifice we didn’t mind to have a seat and not be in a crowd. We did also watch the fireworks from the Poly beach another night.

I’m wondering if I should consider trying to switch to the Garden Plaza viewing? We liked the idea of sitting in chairs after a long day at the park, but I also want to make sure we have a good view.

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For years the only dessert party was in the terrace. I always enjoyed it and you do not have to worry about the rain. The garden view, in my opinion, is a better view.

I think the garden viewing is good option. We’ve done it twice and we sat on the “grass” and had a great view.

We loved the garden view and it’s cheaper.

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OK, I think I may try to switch to the garden view… Thank you for all of the feedback!

The slight possibility of rain and the reserved seating are why we’re doing the Terrace. We’ve never seen HEA before so I have nothing to compare it to (and complain about!). It’ll just look fabulous to us.

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Got there 15 minutes prior, sat on the fake grass and had a pretty much perfect view. One of the best evenings or my life. :slight_smile:

The only caveat was a lady sitting on an electric scooter a bit in front of us. She was OK but the 3 huge Mickey balloons tied to her scooter, not so much. Someone told her gently and tied them lower and all was fine. :wink: