HEA showtimes?

I can’t seem to find this information. The fireworks and other night time shows, like HEA at MK, do they run every night? And do they run on time for EEMH? or do they run later, like at park closing on those nights? We have never done those later nights because the kids were too little, but we’re thinking of trying it one night since they are bigger now. And wondering how EEMH affects HEA. Does it change times or crowds levels? Should we avoid it on and eemh day? Advice please. Thanks!

Depends on when you are going but typically 9:15. You can check dates here…


Thanks! I don’t have a date yet just wondering if the extra hours changes the usual time.

It didn’t while we were there in April. It was the same every night except the night of a thunderstorm where it was at 10pm (after the lightning had gone by). Even on EEMH the fireworks were at 9:15

Thanks for the info. It really helps.