HEA Poly Beach vs TTC (also transportation logistics)

So DH and I love Geyser Point. We’ll be staying at the Dolphin this trip and don’t have any plans for our first evening (arriving in the world early evening). Since we’ll be spending lots of time in the EP resort area during the week, I’m thinking the first night we may go over to MK resort area to eat at GP and watch HEA. We’re doing 4th of July this year so actually won’t see HEA otherwise.

Which gives the better view TTC or Poly? Also, I know obviously Poly to TTC is super easy via monorail. What about WL to TTC?

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I don’t have firsthand experience, but i think you have to boat to MK and then back to TTC from WL.

To get to the TTC from WL you can take the boat to CR and then monorail or boat to MK and Monorail or Ferry.


That would be the long way around, since from Poly it goes to GF, MK, CR, then TTC. You could also walk from Poly to TTC.


If you mean for July 4th, you won’t be allowed onto the Poly beach. They have had it roped off in recent years with CMs checking magic bands for resort guests.

If you have a reservation at Ohana you might be able to get into the area.

No not of the 4th. We are watching celebration fireworks in the park on the third and from contemporary on the 4th. I’m talking about watching actual HEA from outside the park on our arrival day.

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I personally would boat from WL to MK and then transfer to boat to Poly. I would not be inclined to watch from TTC for comfort and ambiance reasons. I haven’t been, personally, but TTC is a giant concrete pavilion. Doesn’t “feel” special to me in the least. Meanwhile you’re just steps away from idyllic Polynesian Resort. I’d definitely watch from there. Note that you won’t be able to appreciate the projections at all from that distance, but the fireworks are incredible.


If you are deciding between Poly Beach & TTC, I’d go with the Poly Beach.
Boat from WL to Contemporary, Monorail from Contemporary to Poly. You
don’t need to go to MK at all.


Any reason not the contemporary? There’s the balcony on the 4th floor and, if concrete doesn’t dissuade you, stairs with a view every floor higher.

She’s viewing from Contemporary on 4th (or 3rd). Probably looking to mix it up.

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Thanks to this discussion I’m sitting in my livingroom crying like a baby as I watch HEA on YouTube.



The Magic Kingdom is a place for the young and the young at heart. A special place where when you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true. Until we see you again, have a safe trip home. Thank you, and goodnight.”


So long everybody! See ya rrreal soon! haHA!