HEA help!

9.15pm HEA on CL8 day at MK.

2 adults, no cranky children to keep entertained while we wait.

What time should we arrive and where should we stand/sit? We’re coming in the park basically for HEA during our monorail bar crawl.

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If your budget allows it, I would highly recommend the garden view dessert party. The best way to go to not have to deal with crowds or lining up to wait.

I wish! But I’ve barely convinced DH to enter the park to watch HEA, he doesn’t like desserts, so no way will he want to spend $138 :frowning:

If you stop in the bar at CG can’t you watch HEA from the roof?

That was the original plan, but I want to see the castle projections.

I think the hill (the hump?) behind the statue is the best and get there before 8:30. Grab a dessert on the way for the wait. :wink:

I’m not sure if this helps for perspective but this photo was taken at 8:40 and it was also a CL7 or 8 day. This was a great view to see the projections.