HEA from the polynesian

Has anyone seen HEA from the Polynesian? What about viewing from the club room there? Thank you for your input!

I viewed it from Club level a few weeks ago. They dim the lights (some are still on) and play the music to go along with the show. You can’t see the castle projections, but you can really see all of the fireworks! We watched from the park one night and from the lounge 2 nights.

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Sounds great! I am considering splitting our stay at Polynesian and CBR (due to price factor and availability). It sounds like the club does have some great advantages. If we end up going for it, then I think I will cancel our breakfast adr at epcot and plan to eat in the club lounge before heading over. Did you find the food to be good?

Depending on what room you have the Bungalows get in the way of your view from CL. Before the Bungalows CL view was fantastic!