HEA from monorail resorts?

Trying to decide what to do.
Choices are
1–eat at Cali Grill (have ADR at 530) and then hang out in lounge and go back to observation for fireworks.
2–eat apps at bar/lounge at CR and then go to Sip Savor Sparkle for HEA at Cali Grill observation spot
3–do monorail lounge/bar crawl for dinner and then watch HEA from location to be determined at one of the monorail resorts
4–eat at Jiko on this night and only see HEA with the throngs on my MK day

Thoughts? Is it really nice to see then from outside the park as well? If ressie finder comes through and I get CG between 730-830 then its a no brainer but hasn’t happened yet. Looking at a Sunday night in May.

I think it depends if you just want to the see the fireworks or if you also want to see the castle projections (which are well done). You won’t be able to see the projections from the locations you mentioned outside of the park.

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I think eating at Cali Grill at 5:30 and then having all that time to kill before watching from observation deck is not very desirable.

Eating a light dinner at the bar at the Wave or Cali Grill and then HEA sip savor sparkle could be fun

LOVE the idea of a monorail bar crawl for dinner landing at Poly beach for HEA

Jiko gets a lot of love and seeing HEA in park cannot be beat.

I should add that I will see HEA in the crowds on Main Street on my MK day. Definitely! It was still Wishes last time I was there last spring.

HEA at the castle was my favorite thing on our trip to DW in June. It far exceeded my expectations. fOP being #2. I hadn’t planned on heading back to MK at night the 2nd MK day ( was going to watch from Poly beach) but we did and it was even more spectacular. Center view.

Can anyone watch HEA from the Poly beach? Is it a good view of the fireworks, and what time would you say is a good time to be there?

Anyone can watch. I have seen photos which suggest it is a great view of the fireworks. Keep in mind you will miss out on projections. I would probably arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of the show to get a spot on the main beach

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Yes, anyone can watch. The view is well centered although somewhat distant. You won’t be able to see the projections. There are speakers on the beach and they pipe in the music from the fireworks (although we found the noise from kids in the pool can make it difficult to hear sometimes so try to get away from the immediate pool area.)

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a word of warning on the monorail lounge bar crawl…we planned on doing that last December adding in WL as well.
The bar crawl went too well… and we “forgot” to stop to watch HEA on Poly beach.
Trader Sam’s is way too much fun to leave.


We watched fireworks from the terrace at Trader Sams whilst enjoys a cocktail or two, it was lovely! Though we did get bitten to pieces, so be aware…

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I’m having dinner at Narcoossee’s and my original plan was to travel to MK and watch HEA. But from where? And with what quality view? (Given that I’d be arriving quite late.)

So then I thought I’d just watch the fireworks from GF. (I’m planning on doing the dessert party with Plaza Garden view later in the week.)

Which option would you take?

Also is the view from the GF better than the one from Poly, as it’s closer?

Are you travelling alone? because if you are I’d do the monorail bar crawl. The Poly beach is centre, I thought the view of the fireworks was great, but in Dec2016 the music was only played at the bar terrace outside Trader sam’s, this might have changed.

Side question (and I didn’t want to start a new thread) I heard you can eat any time of evening (or burnch) at CG and if you keep your receipt FOR THAT DAY, they will let you return to view HEA. Does anyone know what time they let you back up for that?

When we went to brunch, we returned later that evening. Looking at time stamps on my photos, we were back up in the lounge area at around 9:30ish for what looks to have been a 10:00 Wishes (this was a few years back now) based on TP historical information.

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thanks @OBNurseNH

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