HEA dessert party worth it Jan 21, 2019

We are headed to WDW Jan 20-25. Was planning on doing the plaza garden HEA dessert party on Jan 21, MLK Jr day. Do you think it will be needed that day? The CL is a 5 at MK which I was kind of surprised about given that it’s a holiday. I was really just doing it for the less crowded seating area. Not so concerned about the desserts themselves but would love to hear what people thought about them.

With a CL5, would we be able to find a spot for HEA rather easily?

I don’t think it’s ever “easy” to find a spot. I gave up on watching Wishes long ago, and from what I’ve heard, FEA is worse than Wishes ever was. I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to on my next trip; I’ll probably suck it up and pay for the party.

Thanks for the thoughts. I was thinking that too. And…I have to say that as I get older and have children, there are plenty of things that I consider “commodities” other than just money: space, time, well-being…

I’m hoping it’s worth it for us to pay for the dessert party and have a bit more of a relaxing time at the fireworks. Our entire family tends to get anxious in large crowds. We are by no means phobic, but limiting crowds certainly helps.


I went to the party last February and I have booked it again for next February. It takes the stress out of the crowds all trying to get the “perfect view”.


just my personal opinion, but, I would say the party is worthwhile. Given that the CL 5 is really a representation of how long you’ll wait in line for a given ride, not a measure of how many people are in the park, and literally everyone who wants to see HEA is crammed into the hub to see it. It’s possible your personal tolerance for crowds and chaos is higher than mine, though :slight_smile:

Thank you for the confirmation and advice! I am glad to say that y’all have enjoyed the party and HEA. This will be our first fireworks show as a family (we’re doing this one and the Star Wars Guided Tour, so we’ll get to see two) and I’m nervous and excited!

We are doing those 2 as well in 2 weeks. I can keep you posted on our experience if you want. :slight_smile:

Please do! Are you doing HEA and the Star Wars guided tour? Or just the dessert party.

I have now linked my tickets and memory maker and I am SO EXCITED!

I will then. :slight_smile:
I am doing the HEA dessert party at tomorrowland terrace and the Star Wars fireworks dessert party. We really wanted to do the Star Wars guided tour but it was sold out on the day we wanted to do it. We could have done it later during our trip but then the fireworks would not have been the SW one but the holiday one so we figured it was not good enough value. We were disappointed but on top of that the show Galaxy far far away won’t be happening while we are there so the guided tour would have been really poor value for us. I’m trying to turn this into something positive but I’m really bummed hahaha… :wink:

Yeah I’m sure you are ! We are leaving in 11 days now and the whole family is doing backflips all day long LOL

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This was the exact reason that I purchased the HEA afterparty for our November trip. Jostling in a crowd stresses us out and we paid for the party mostly for the reserved space. Desserts are a nice bonus I guess.

We’re going on a CL 4 day. I’ll report back here after our trip is over and let you know what I thought of the experience. I’d say a CL4 to CL5 comparison seems pretty relevant, right?


Yes! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Just checking in to hear your thoughts on HEA dessert party. If anyone who has done it recently could weigh in, that would be so appreciated! Thank you!

Don’t know if last Nov. is recent enough but it was awesome. :wink:

Thank you! Trying to figure out logistics, so I’ll throw this one in the mix!

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