HEA Dessert Party - take food with you?

I’m thinking of just popping in to the buffet to grab a few cupcakes and then eat them in the fireworks viewing area. Is that allowed? Frowned upon?

In November CMs actually told us to take as much food as we can before we left…

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Very interesting. Do they provide any “to-go” containers or plates? Maybe I’ll stock up on treats for the rest of the trip.

I put some to go desserts in the styrofoam drink cups–I didn’t see any other containers.

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Not that I know of. We took only 1 cookie each. We did see a family of 5 who each had a refillable popcorn plastic bucket that they each stuffed very full of various very squished goodies LOL

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LOL! That’s reason enough to buy a popcorn bucket!


Perhaps…until a few days later when you feel all gross and sick from over-indulging on desserts for days!


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Just a suggestion:
Bring a few of the cardboard / paper “to go” containers with you. The ones that fold up, and are disposable, if possible, or whatever you can bring as a to go container.

There’s cheese, crackers, little lunchmeats, spinach dip and fresh, hot, cheeseburger egg rolls, which, I hate to admit, were damn good (we made sure we were HUNGRY to get our money’s worth, which is why they may have tasted good.)

The cm’s repeatedly told everyone to take as much as anyone would like. In the threads I have seen about taking stuff to go, I don’t recall anyone ever being halted. As a matter of fact, I’ve read reports of cm’s finding “to go” vessels for guests to take. I would have taken whatever I wanted, but we had plenty of time to stuff ourselves (and we most certainly did.)

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Do they make too much food? Or do they want to make sure people get their money’s worth?

I find the thought of carrying food away from a buffet a little… gauche. But maybe that whole concept doesn’t exist anymore. :thinking:

Though taking it to the fireworks area seems acceptable to me. You’re still at the party.

I think they make way too much to make sure no one can complain…

And I am comfortable if anyone thinks I am judgemental and should mind my own business (I already kinda think that anyway LOL) but that family I was describing looked…well…not classy at all is probably the nicest I can be. Especially considering the fact that they were all really obese, it did not make a pretty picture…On the other hand, it’s all going in the garbage if it’s not eaten so it actually makes sense if people load up before leaving. The issue is probably just the way I was raised I guess…

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On the DIS someone posted that they did actually run out of food at the HEA party- but that was awhile ago, and it seems the selection has become more varied and plentiful. Perhaps to keep ahead of the the food-snatchers? :grin:

At any rate, taking a cupcake on the lawn doesn’t seem the slightest bit suspect. I wondered that, too, as no doubt my dear children will be out on the rides until the absolute last minute! So I booked the terrace where they can eat to their heart’s content through the whole thing.

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